Science & Technology - Nagaland


Nagaland Science and Technology Council (NASTEC) is an autonomous body, under the aegis of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Nagaland. The Council came into being as a registered society on 6th August, 1999 under the Nagaland Societies Registration Act, 1983.

The Council has a four member body with Chief Minister as the President, Minister of Science & Technology as the Vice President, Secretary of Science & Technology as Chairman and Senior Scientific Officer as the Member Secretary respectively. The Council apart from the Governing body has Scientific and Technical manpower.

The autonomous Council function with grants received from DST, Government of India, and Government of Nagaland and funds received from various agencies through projects and programmes.

The council involves in activities like S&T popularization, Research studies, implementation of development projects on S&T sector, Ecology & Environment, micro-hydel projects, Remote Sensing and GIS applications, Space Technology Applications and promotion of new technologies in association with various scientific organizations in the country.

Under NASTEC, the following Centres and Divisions have been set up:


  1. State Remote Sensing Application Centre
  2. Biotechnology Hub
  3. Patent Information Centre
  4. Nagaland State Climate Change Study & Knowledge solution Centre
  5. Nagaland State Referral Laboratory for Water Quality Testing
  6. State Spatial Data Infrastructure


  1. Engineering
  2. Analytical Science
  3. Life Science
  4. Geoscience
  5. Microbiology Lab
  6. Molecular Biology Lab
  7. Chemical Ecology Lab