Science & Technology - Nagaland

Rainwater Harvesting System

It aims to popularize rainwater harvesting techniques and also addresses the water shortage problem.

Most of the villages in Nagaland are located on hill tops. The villagers depend on nearby spring water sources for their domestic use.

The Department Science & Technology, GoI conducted a survey in 2 districts of Nagaland in co-ordination with the NASTEC and identified some villages having acute water shortage.

In order to address this problem it was decided to go for rainwater harvesting from roof tops as the state receives sufficient rainfall and the cost of maintenance is negligible and does not need highly trained manpower.

A pilot project was undertaken by NASTEC on community scale rainwater harvesting system to supply drinking water for 6 villages.

  1. Aradura, Kohima
  2. Kijumetuoma, Kohima
  3. Phekerükriema, Kohima
  4. Dihoma, Kohima
  5. Baptist College, Kohima
  6. PBCA, Lengpand, Longleng

The project is funded by DST, GoI under Water Technology Initiative programme.