Science & Technology - Nagaland

Bio-Technology Hub

Nagaland is endowed with a very rich biodiversity. The indigenous Naga people possessed wide traditional knowledge on natural therapeutic values of biological products owing to their varied food habits and ready resources. Exploiting these potentials with intervention of biotechnology would boost the socio-economic future of the people in a big way. Orientation of bright students towards innovative research and providing technical knowhow and infrastructures can be the channel to materialize the natural and human resources to the benefit of mankind.

Realizing the latent prospects, Nagaland Science & Technology Council, an autonomous body under Science and Technology Department, Government of Nagaland has set up a Biotechnology Hub with the support of Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of science & Technology, Government of India in the year 2011.

Objectives of the Hub

Nagaland Science & Technology Council incepted a Biotechnology Hub, at Directorate of Science & technology complex, Kohima with the following objectives.

  • To set up and maintain state-of-the-art biotechnology research laboratory.
  • To facilitate and promote applications of biotechnology on indigenous bio-products of Nagaland by harnessing indigenous traditional knowledge and practices.
  • To carry out innovative research emphasizing on locally available biological products available within the region for technology transfer.
  • To provide technical knowhow on latest trend of biotechnological innovative researches to students through seminar and workshops.
  • To conduct hands-on-training and encourage scientific innovations to young students and research aspirants within the region by providing cutting edge research knowledge and infrastructures.

Biotechnology Hub – Outreach & Awareness programme

  • 1. Seminars/awarenessprograms were conducted for host and some neighboring Higher Secondary schools and Colleges.
  • 2. Hands on training on Biotechnology are conducted in the Hub for schools and colleges.
  • 3. Eight (8) Invited lectures offered at host institution and neighboring Higher Secondary schools andColleges.
  • 4. Presenting paper at National and International Conferences.
  • 5. Consultancy service is given to Senior Secondary Schools with science stream to set up