Science & Technology - Nagaland

Mandate & Vision


  • To make the Department as the nodal agency to implement and co-ordinate all the S&T activities in the state.
  • To popularize and promote science and technology in the state.
  • To formulate policy statements in science and technology and guidelines based on local problems and environmental factors.
  • To identify local specific problems and address it through strategic research.
  • To uplift the economic status of the rural population through interventions with Science and Technology.
  • To advocate in bringing the latest technology in the state for socio-economic development.
  • To develop science and technology and its application through research and harnessing the indigenous traditional science and technology know-how.
  • To identify priority areas of Science, Technology & Environmental needs for long term development of the State.


  • To see a day when the interventions of S&T will make our local farmers fully self reliant in socio-economic status without jeopardizing their rich cultural heritage and environment.
  • To make Nagaland self sufficient in energy by harnessing potent wind, water and solar resources through development and application of appropriate technology.
  • To enjoy a good communication system across the state vis-a-vis exploration and harnessing the natural resources sustainably to its full potential through Space Technology applications.
  • To make the Ecosystem of Nagaland sustainable.