Science & Technology - Nagaland

Directoriate Activities

Brief write up on the functions and activities :

The Department of Science & Technology is envisaged and committed to bring about socio-economic upliftment of the people through contemporary science awareness and technology interventions for the state. Department of Science & Technology Department is initiating a number of innovative programmes throughout the state and also promoting suitable and low cost technologies for the rural areas. These include conservation of ecosystem, transfer of appropriate and improved technologies, multiple promotional programmes for local innovators and production of quality based, cost effective and hygienic Sanitary Napkins which are environment friendly. It supports various research projects on utilization of natural resources which can help boost rural economy while reducing drudgery.

The following are the major activities :

  • 1. To promote creativity and inspire young students to make science interesting and motivate and create innovative mind set, the department has established an Innovation Hub and a 50 seated Space Education Centre (Planetarium) at Nagaland Science Centre, Dimapur. The newly established facilities was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister on 28th September 2018. The Nagaland Science Centre, Dimapur, has different galleries loaded with exciting science exhibits along with a wide screen 3D theatre.
  • 2. The department has initiated the construction of a Digital Planetarium and an Innovation Hub at Kohima and the building is anticipated to be completed by the end of March 2019. The ongoing work is funded by HUDCO, Negotiated Loan. 3. As part of 100 days initiative, the department has set up a Science Park at S&T Complex, Kohima and the installation of exciting, innovative & play and learn exhibits are under way.
  • 4. Production of high quality sanitary napkins of one time use, re-usable & panty liners with a remarkable features of high quality, low cost and highly environmental friendly are being taken up year round to cater to the need of adolescent girls.
  • 5. Department of Science & Technology sponsors a number of research projects which are ongoing of which may extend upto 3-4 years for financial support. Some of the research projects supported by the Department.
  • 6. Promotional activities for local innovator are being conducted with financial and technical supports are being carried out in the state.
  • 7. The department aims to reach out to rural schools in the state by helping to set up its own science laboratories by providing science equipments.
  • 8. Science Popularization by sponsoring science seminar, workshops, conduct of National Science Day Celebration every year.