Science & Technology - Nagaland

Nagaland State Spatial Data Infrastructure

This project is for establishing State Spatial Data Infrastructure network in Nagaland. Accurate and organized geospatial data will be readily and continuously available and accessible on a national, state, district and village level basis to contribute to the economic, environmental and social growth of the country.

Nagaland State Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSSDI) along with the shareholder and stakeholder of different departments will be able to leverage the most accurate and rigorous mapping data. Categorized mapping types, predictive modelling, prioritization (asset & threat mapping and spatial action mapping) and monitoring & evaluation

Objectives of the Project:

Primary objective : Development of an interoperable geo-portal web service to support grass root planning in the State and demonstrate its utility in decentralised governance.

Secondary objective : Demonstration of the utility of the data node/geo-portal in sectoral applications.

Tertiary objective : Capacity building and awareness to government line departments in GIS management and the utility of the portal as well as the concept and benefits of spatial data infrastructure at different level of the government hierarchy.


  • - To strengthen the S&T inputs for integrated resource management through development of appropriate tools and techniques in data collection, organization and analysis.
  • - Technical capacity building at various levels of administration for enabling the adoption of the technologies developed in integrated development planning.


  • 1) Deployed Nagaland SDI geoportal proto-type in NSDI Cloud Server.
  • 2) Data Analysis and standardization.
  • 3) Preparation of the data for WEBGIS.
  • 4) Generated 2D layer of Administrative boundaries (District, RD block, Circle boundary), School, Healthcare, Polling Station, Police Station, Administrative Office, Road Network (National Highway, State Highway , Other Roads, Drainage, LULC.
  • 5) Attended Webinar on “Use of Geo-Spatial Technologies to address COVID-19”, conducted by NRDMS and NATMO, DST, GoI on 6th April 2020.
  • 6) Attended webinar on NSDI Nodal Offices Virtual Meeting on 28th April 2020 conducted by NSDI, DST, GoI.
  • 7) Created and Deployed Geo Portal on Covid-19 for the State of Nagaland for six months for monitoring and management in 2020.
  • 8) Attended webinar on “National Data Registry (NDR)” conducted by NSDI, DST, GoI on 28th January 2021.
  • 9) Nagaland Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy framed and forwarded to the Government of Nagaland for approval, January 2021.
  • 10) Attended 14th NSDI Executive Committee Virtual Meeting on 22 March 2021 for perusal, comments, deliberations, and necessary action
    • a) National Data Registry (NDR)
    • b) Geospatial Cloud Platform
    • c) Draft National Geospatial Policy 202 – circulated by Survey & Map Publication (SMP) Division, DST
    • d) NSDI-NDR Bill in the light of the Geospatial Data Guidelines (Annex VI) issued on 15 February 2021
    • e) Coordinating hubs, engaging start-ups in geospatial sector, and ‘NSDI Strategy based on Third-Party Review’
    • f) NSDI and State SDI Data Nodes - Nodal Agency-wise presentations and discussion on
    • i) Technical and financial progress vis-à-vis the Annual Action Plans for 2019-20, 2020-21
    • ii) Review of proposed Annual Action Plan for 2021 -22 in the light of the above progress and requirement of financial releases
    • iii) Review of National Data Sharing & Accessibility Policy (NDSAP) and the National Data Portal (
    g) Deliberations on the EFC Memo for continuation of NSDI and EFC Memo on “NSDI 2.0 – Establishment of Application Infrastructure and hosting Application and Solution Services”