Science & Technology - Nagaland


Science Popularisation Programmes

One important area of activity of the department is Science & Technology popularization. The department carries out various activities on Science & Technology popularization particularly for the students and people in the rural areas on topics ranging from non-conventional energy to environmental awareness program. Activities like technology demonstration, trainings & Seminars, exhibition, competitions etc. are carried out in various parts of the State.

The Council plays an interactive role under its outreach system to motivate NGOs, Government Institution, and the individuals in carrying out various programmes under the scheme.

Under this the following activities are held:

1. National Science Day (NSD)

National Science day is celebrated to popularise the benefits of scientific knowledge and practical appropriation. Every year different themes are selected and all the forth programmes and activities are based around that theme. Whole nation takes the honour of thanking all the scientists for their remarkable contributions and dedication on this occasion.

Hence the National Science Day holds great significance for Indian Science and scientific community. National Science Day also brings an opportunity to focus on issues related to science centre stage.

National Science Day is observed every year with students from various schools and colleges in different places all over the state.

2. Written Science Quiz Competitions

3. Popular Science Lectures

4. National Children Science Congress

5. Science programmes for Students

The department has sponsored a number of student’s science exposure trips to RRL and other National Institutions in the country.