Science & Technology - Nagaland


Organic Agriculture Programme Based on Science & Technology Inputs in Nagaland

This project started in 2011 in collaboration with M.R. Morarka Research Foundation, Jaipur and is funded by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India covering 2000 farmers in over 50 villages and spread over a period of 3 years. The Foundation has appointed 20 trainers-cum-field inspectors and a local supervisor

In Nagaland agriculture is organic by default but with urbanization taking place, the attitude to commercialize our agri products is increasing which eventually will demand for higher production. With such kind of outlook the tendency to use chemicals to increase in production, use as treatment for pest and disease will take over the culture of organic cultivation. With this regard the department has come with a programme where the farmers can continue with their present practice of organic cultivation by training them with basic inputs that will help them in protecting their crops and fruits.